Frequently Asked Questions

What is private airport management?
The vast majority of public-use airports in the United States are owned and operated by public entities. Just like public airport owners partner with any number of private firms to perform specific services at the airport, private airport management entails a partnership between a public airport owner and a private company for the management and operation of some or all of the core functions of the airport, up to and including the oversight and coordination of subcontractors.
Will the public agency lose control over the asset by hiring a private operator?
No. The public agency never loses control over their asset by hiring AvPORTS. We become a partner, not an owner.
What has been your typical approach with respect to the future of the staff currently working at an airport?
The goal is to retain all qualified staff. It is standard AvPORTS practice to interview all current employees at new locations and give them first priority for the employment needs at the airport under our contract. Usually, the overwhelming majority of current employees accept positions with AvPORTS when we begin a new contract. Further, those new employees immediately become eligible to apply for vacant positions at all other airports in the AvPORTS family, thereby enhancing their opportunity for future personal and professional growth and development.
Why wouldn’t we just hire an airport manager on our staff?

Having the resources, relationships, and expertise of one single individual versus those of an entire firm operating competitively across multiple locations is the difference between hiring an airport manager and hiring an airport management company like AvPORTS. Not only will AvPORTS help fill any vacant positions and train and develop existing managers, we will make available a wide variety of corporate and airport level personnel and best practices that are consistent with and supportive of the Strategic Business Plan developed through extensive consultation with the client. Examples include expertise and best practices forged at multiple locations over 90 years of company experience in airport operations, airport marketing and air service development, airport accounting and engineering, airport business development, and many others. Individual airport managers at many airports often find themselves bogged down by the day-to-day demands and operations at their own particular airport, just trying to keep the lights on and make sure the day passes without incident. Having a partnership with a management company provides access to market-honed resources and human capital needed to take the airport to the next level of safety, security, efficiency, growth and self-sufficiency.

What does being part of a family of airports mean?
One of the many benefits of partnering with AvPORTS is becoming part of our corporate family of airports. With airport locations across the United States, our employees share their best practices, knowledge, experiences, successes and strategies facing similar challenges and obstacles, constituting a lifeline of support, advice, and counsel for their fellow airport managers and family members. We often send subject area experts from one location to another to customize and implement their best practices. Our clients, and our people at each location, are therefore never alone in the continuous effort of making their airports the best they can be.
Is a management contract the same thing as participating in the FAA's Privatization Pilot Program?
No, they are different. A management contract or concession in the mid-market space occupied by AvPORTS does not rise to the level of privatization of an airport that would trigger a Pilot Program jurisdictional event. This is mainly the case because the public entity retains full ownership of the asset. AvPORTS does not take ownership or overall control of the airport away but rather partners with the public airport owner to make sure that through their joint efforts, the airport serves the community in the most effective way possible.
Do you offer a-la-carte services?

Yes. While AvPORTS’ services can be all-encompassing in nature, clients are able to select from them in an a-la-carte manner as well. Each airport is unique and we understand that there is not a one-size-fits-all approach that can be taken when working with different airport clients. To ensure that we focus on the needs of our customers we view our services like tools in a tool box. We first work collaboratively with each client to clarify their core strategic objectives for their airport. Together, we then determine which AvPORTS service - or combination of services - best meets the need and objectives as identified. Finally, we then build a proposal around the delivery of only those services that the client requires.

Will you guarantee your performance?

Yes, there are many circumstances where AvPORTS can guarantee levels of performance. In other cases, the services that AvPORTS provides can only be accomplished if others over whom we have no control, including a client, fulfil their obligations. Consistent with our commitment to transparency and accountability, AvPORTS shall, during contracting process with a client, propose and commit to a measurable action plan with specific performance guarantees and performance incentives consistent with the key objectives of the client.

If we have to pay the operating costs and then pay you a fee on top of that, why wouldn’t we just do it ourselves and save the fee?

Because hiring AvPORTS saves your airport money, improves your operations and adds significant value to your airport.

We are a professional airport management company operating at multiple locations across the US. AvPORTS is able to leverage best practices around labor cross-utilization, economies of scale, procurement strategy, and private sector finance, among others, to engineer airport operating costs that are overall lower than the in-house alternative. Simultaneously AvPORTS will also be able to provide a superior quality customer experience and a higher level of stakeholder satisfaction. Our impacts of savings in operating costs, in addition to faster, greater, better outcomes realized by using AvPORTS are usually substantially greater than the management fee paid to AvPORTS. This results in an overall savings to the airport client.

Is AvPORTS capable of being the sole point of accountability to the owner for the safe, secure, and efficient operation of our Airport as a whole?
Yes. At many client airports AvPORTS is currently the sole point of accountability for the safe, secure, and efficient operation of the airport as a whole. In fact, AvPORTS capabilities are so well known that the FAA has recommended AvPORTS to municipalities with airports that are not operated in a manner satisfactory to the FAA.
Is AvPORTS able to accept full responsibility for managing the PFC and ACIP programs at our Airport?
Yes. AvPORTS currently accepts full responsibility for managing the PFC and ACIP programs at most of the airports we manage. The large number of funding applications AvPORTS manages far exceeds that of any single airport authority, thereby making AvPORTS an industry expert with these programs.
Is AvPORTS capable of executing development projects on a fully turnkey basis; and to operate them if that is agreeable?

Yes. AvPORTS has completed numerous development projects at the many airports we have managed over the years, projects that include the construction and management of FBOs, to the construction and management of new passenger terminals, parking garages, cell phone lots and ramp space. Our common ownership connection to our affiliate AFCO (Aviation Facilities Company Inc.), provides us with an ever deeper resume and capability with regard to development opportunities.