The Result: Improved safety, efficiency & compliance.

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Avports is a recognized leader in developing and instituting industry best practices. We ensure safe airport operations through regulatory compliance across all facets of the industry. Our management services bring order, predictability, and accountability to the running of an airport, allowing us to successfully manage risk for our clients.

Avports harnesses the tried and tested best practices formulated throughout its network into our own professional knowledge-base repository, developed with over 90 years of experience. We then use this repository to develop human capital with the support that comes from being part of a broad, strong family of airports that is committed to continuous learning and improvement.

Our team is innovative and constantly strives to set the new standard. We lead change and drive improvement, measuring our progress to exceed our goals.

Our results: Avports has helped more airports achieve and maintain Part 139 certification than any other third- party airport management provider in the US. We deliver improved safety, efficiency & compliance.