News from Moffett Field

2020 marks Avports’ five year anniversary managing Moffett Field!

Moffett Air Field

2019 was a very busy year at NUQ. Kicking off the year, we began with needed maintenance projects: crack and spall repairs and other pavement improvements on Rwy14L/32R, switching our Rwy 14L/32R edge lights to LED, upgrades to all of our Navigational Aids, including new ILS/LOC and MALSR, a newly installed Segmented Circle and a new USAF TACAN. We are also currently preparing to break ground on the construction of our new fuel farm.

A lot of special events took place at Moffett Field as well. Avports hosted the international non-profit Flying Eye Hospital for a few weeks. They restocked supplies and had fundraising events before they continued on their worldwide mission to help prevent blindness by treating patients around the world in their onboard medical and operating room facilities that do not have access to vision care and also train, educate and inspire local teams to fight blindness in their own communities.

Orbis Airplane
Orbis Flying Eye Hospital

The Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences event was also held at Moffett Field once again, a star studded event recognizing scientific advancement.

Moffet Airfield Breakthrough Prize Airport Management
Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences Event at Moffett Field

We are also proud to continue to support the, an educational non-profit organization that includes WWII bombers with flights and tours. This year included a B-17, B-24, B-25, and P-51. The joint NASA/German Aerospace Center SOFIA (Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy) B747SP with an onboard 8.2ft reflector telescope also paid us a visit and provided tours to the general public.

Sofia Airplane at Moffett Field
Collings Foundation Airplane

Of the many Distinguished Visitors and VIP visits we support every year, this year included the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, and Vice President of the United States, Michael Pence, on separate occasions.

Moffett Airfield Team
Air Force 1 Visited Moffett Field

To cap off the year at Moffett Field in 2019 was our first delivery of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), a biofuel for jet aircraft, for one of our primary tenants at NUQ. We are looking forward to being able to increase supply so that we may have the ability to provide it to our valued transient customers in the very near future.

Moffett Airfield Maintenance
Sustainable Aviation Fuel

In February 2020, Avports at Moffett Field is excited to support the final fly off for the event! GoFly brings together the world’s greatest inventors, designers, and engineers to showcase their innovations and personal vehicles for revolutionary flight.

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