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2020: The year the world was struck in the face with a brick and how the aviation world tried to survive.   

Avports Moffett Field was looking forward to some exciting events, the return of Orbis, the International Eye Doctor practice that helps communities around the world and other events but we were met with some incredibly challenging situations that the entire nation has struggled to deal with. 

Contagious Disease and Pandemic Strategy Plan

Google Bus used as satellite Operations Office during pandemic
Google Bus used as satellite Operations Office during pandemic

First and foremost, Avports at Moffett Field immediately developed a “Contagious Disease and Pandemic Strategy Plan”. This Plan, authored by the Airport Manager with support and input from the airport management team, has established rules and guidelines that have helped prevent staff from contracting the virus and also helped set a guideline for reference for families and other companies that have requested a copy of our guidelines, to start a building block for their own preventive measures. We also created a satellite Operations office with a google bus equipped with full radio and internet capabilities to separate our essential personal during extreme measures.  

2020 GoFly Championship Fly Off

 COO Arturo Garcia and Derek Pristavok at the GoFly event
COO Arturo Garcia and Derek Pristavok at the GoFly event

After a year of preparation, Avports at Moffett Federal Airfield hosted the 2020 GoFly Championship Fly Off in February 2020, with our own COO, Arturo Garcia in attendance, just as the global COVID-19 Pandemic began to make the news. Precautions were implemented and unfortunately, several foreign organizations were unable to attend. Due to inclement weather and other factors, international competition entry and flight demonstrations were cut short to visual representations. Moffett Field moved forward to accommodate all applicants and we wish the best of luck to all competitors in the final Fly Off scheduled in the near future. 

Structural Improvements

Major structural improvements were also made in 2020. These included crack and spall repair on our primary runway which increases the weight bearing capacity for our heavier operators. Repairs of runway 14L/32R has been a contested argument for many years but our client, Planetary Ventures, in support and consultation of Avports, dedicated the resources to make the overdue and outdated repairs possible. We are also at 90% design completion of a new Fuel Farm, that will better serve the aviation community and SAF demands as they increase.  

Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)

Avports is also extremely proud to announce that Avports Moffett Field was the first airport in 2020 with an operator/FBO that can provide Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) that significantly reduces carbon emissions for air travel and we are eager to engage our customers to the benefits that this fuel can do to offset their carbon offset. While “book and claim” is desirable for most aircraft operators is a marketable advantage, actually providing SAF to our customers is the first step in protecting the environment. 

NASA Guppy transporting Orion Heat Shield
NASA Guppy transporting Orion Heat Shield

We have all struggled to an extent that can’t be compared to other companies and their responsibilities. A couple of the unique flight operations that Moffett was excited to support include the NASA Guppy operation for the Orion Heat Shield and the rare appearance of a blimp occupying one of the historical blimp hangars at Moffett Field. We look forward to providing additional support for these unique operations in the future.

A-60 Blimp in Hangar 2 at Moffett Field
A-60 Blimp in Hangar 2
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