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Republic Airport Air Show Blue Angels

News from Republic (FRG) and Westover Air Reserve Base (CEF)

Republic Airport Facilities Management In 2016, AFCO AvPORTS Management LLC secured a forty year contract with New York State Department of Transportation for the Republic Airport Operations and Management Services and Business Development. The company is proud to serve as the airport facilities management contractor for this project under this new long term agreement. Bright […]

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airplanes at Westchester Airport

News From Westchester County Airport

AvPORTS at Westchester County is a unique and busy environment for airport facilities management. The over 170 men and women that make up the AvPORTS Team at HPN provides airport management, operations, maintenance, airline services, administration, accounting, noise abatement and environmental services and aircraft rescue and firefighting. Emergency Response Drill We kicked off May with […]

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A photo of a cute poppy dog on the tour.

AvPORTS Newark (EWR) Airport Management Volunteers Participate in Port Authority Event

One of the benefits of working with Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PA) staff is to participate in their volunteer opportunities. As one of the largest governmental agencies in the New York/New Jersey area, community engagement is an important part of their culture.

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