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Republic Airport Facilities Management

Republic Airport Air Show Blue Angels

Blue Angels at Annual Memorial Day Airshow at Republic Airport

In 2016, AFCO Avports Management LLC secured a forty year contract with New York State Department of Transportation for the Republic Airport Operations and Management Services and Business Development. The company is proud to serve as the airport facilities management contractor for this project under this new long term agreement.

Bright Ideas Employee Award

Republic Airport Employee AwardIn an effort to reinforce our company’s commitment to safety, FRG launched its Safety Incentive Program in May of this year. We know that some of our best safety ideas come from our employees, therefore, the program is centered around employees identifying and reporting hazards in the workplace and submitting ideas on how to prevent or eliminate these hazards. Each month an employee is rewarded with a $50 gift card of their choice and their name is displayed with the Bright Idea trophy in the reception area. Jeffrey McKenney in the Accounting Department was presented with his award for the month of May at the annual Employee Recognition Barbecue.

Employees are also encouraged to submit the names of their co-workers who go above and beyond to do their jobs safely. These employees are rewarded with lunch on the following workday. In addition, as part of our safety initiative, Maintenance personnel have a tailgate safety meeting every week.

Memorial Day Airshow

Republic Airport Air Show PrepEach year, Republic Airport takes part in hosting performers from various parts of the country for the Annual Memorial Day Weekend Airshow at Jones Beach. This is an exciting time for us and citizens from the community who come out to watch the performers take off and land for their practice runs and also on the actual airshow days. Our employees work very hard to ensure that the airport is ready to receive our guests. This year, we hosted the United States Navy Blue Angels, The Royal Canadian Snowbirds, among other performers. We are pleased to report that the show was very successful and we had no incidents at the airport.

Internship Program

internsWe are very fortunate to have an active internship program at Republic Airport. We work closely with Vaughn College to select interns who are exposed to every aspect of the airport environment each semester. Interns are rotated throughout the different departments. For some interns, this is their first opportunity to do hands on work at an airport. We take great pride in offering them the best learning experience while they prepare for their careers in the aviation industry. We always take the time at the end of the semester to thank the interns for their time with us and present them with a plaque that they can display in their first office.

New Sheltair Hangars

Republic Airport Facilities ManagementRepublic Airport is in growth mode. Sheltair Aviation is in the process of building new hangars, a new FBO facility and a maintenance facility to house ground support equipment on a section of the previously undeveloped area known as Breslau. Sheltair currently has three hangars in various stages of completion with three additional hangars approved for construction. We are fortunate to have three very active FBOs who are all in expansion mode with a fourth FBO in the approval process.

As with all airports, each day brings new challenges and opportunities for airport facilities management. Our best and most valued assets are our employees who work very well as individuals and as a team within and between each department. We have a proactive and responsive team that is led by our very capable and experienced Managers who provide effective support and guidance. Republic Airport is in good hands.

Westover Air Reserve Base (CEF)

Westover is the nation’s largest Air Force Reserve base, and is home to more than 5,500 military and civilian workers.

Westover Air Reserve Base has been in operation since 1940 and served as a bomber training base and port of embarkation/debarkation during World War II. Following the war, the base was a staging point for the Berlin Aircraft, a headquarters of the Military Air Transport Service system until April, 1955. From that time until 1974, the base was a major Strategic Air Command installation. Since May 19, 1974, Westover has been an Air Force Reserve Command base.

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Westover ARB Great New England Air & Space Show

The main events at this year’s Great New England Air Show were the Air Force demonstration team the Thunderbirds. Westover had over 42 military and vintage aircraft on display. We estimated over 60,000 people in attendance for the show over 2 days.

The Air Force expanded on its normal theme to incorporate the space element in to the event. Westover ARB started with a sensational guest speaker for the kick–off breakfast, NASA Astronaut and Retired US Air Force Colonel Catherine “Cady” Coleman. United Technologies, a sponsor of the event, brought in an actual space suit for view at the breakfast and was on display for the public through the weekend.

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